How to make money from Facebook and Myspace.

How to make money from Facebook and Myspace.

Facebook and Myspace are today's top social networking web sites where people from all over the world used to communicate with their friends. Mean while you can find any ore social net working sites that allows you to make money through them.

Millions of members are having their own social web pages in the popular Facebook and Myspace web sites. In the early years they were just for a person to have as a personal page to contact with his/her friends. Their sudden growth made them as popular spots for youngsters from all corners of the world in search of friends, music, video clips and fame. Also the Smartphone coming with direct communication with the sites to download and upload made these sites as one of the daily essentials for a young person.

But these web sites rapid expansion and facilities made people to earn money too. For example the Blog and the classified sections are top hits. Your friends can view your services or products while the classifieds make turn around the heads in millions towards your post, if you post it in correct place at correct time.

When you want to send to your facebook friends don't send more than 30 requests per day as the facebook had its own limit. Like wise don't make pages quickly in the facebook as both of these violations may lead to your account suspension.

In the facebook web site search for the app named with "cloudcrowd". Joining the page will allow you to make money by doing tasks like writing, editing, research, data entry, translation and many more. Here you can find more information on it.

There you can find many sections like Jobs, for sale, housing & rentals, services, car for sales and many more. When you want to post a classifieds you can select any of the cities in USA or other important cities in countries from all over the world. You can select one of them or many cities as per your wish. You can post what you want to sale along with its price and images. If you want to post a classified most of the web sites don't allow you to give a link to a commercial web site or your own web site. Also you can notice people are using their commercial web site names as their user name in Myspace and Facebook.

Also you can find some fine rules and conditions apply from these web sites. Read them good before you post any commercial advertisements in these social networking web sites. Importantly they don't allow you to post money making programs like MLM advertisements. If they found out that you are violating their terms and conditions, your account will be terminated by the administrator.

The important part is your profile, as the visitors may look in to your profile to decide how you and your friends are acting there. If they find out that you are a respectable person, then you have more chance of contacting more people and more business from there and from your friend's contacts. Be patient and build your own big group to make you more profit by working from your home.

Also myspace new members pay for to get their pages looking fantastic with animated text and images. They used to buy glitter images, which you can design and sale with PSP (Photo Shop Pro).Funny text lines, Articles, Funny pictures and many more items used to fetch good money from them. So working from your home is not a hard thing if you have the talent and luck.