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Police warn of work-at-home scam.

Muskogee Police Department has issued a warning through the media of a work at home scam mostly targeting students under the name of become as mail assistants and earn money. Actually the participants are cheated after two week of working the participants were sent with a legitimate looking bogus check with excess money than their salary. And are requested to send the excess money through their account and it is the catch, normally US$ 1,000.

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Reshipping scams.

Reshipping scams are another work-at-home "opportunity" that promise more than they deliver.

"The problem is, the electronics you're shipping were purchased from Dell or Best Buy using stolen credit card numbers," he says. "They're using your home to avoid getting caught by Border Patrol looking for packages coming from Dell."

Some of the Suspected Bogus work at home companies.

Recently The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has requested the federal courts to shut down seven entities charged with offering bogus job placement including work-at-home schemes. These companies had charged fees from the unemployed saying that they can provide jobs in the in the federal government, another promised jobs as movie extras, others as as mystery shoppers. Some of these companies promised their clients that they will make money working from their homes stuffing envelopes or assembling ornaments.

In the law enforcement actions announced recently, the FTC charged the following companies:

Government Careers Inc.

Real Wealth, Inc.

Darling Angel Pin Creations

Abili-Staff, Ltd.

Entertainment Work, Inc.

Independent Marketing Exchange, Inc.

Preferred Platinum Services Network

Other than this 7 cases the FTC has settled or litigated four law enforcement actions for employment and work-at-home scams:

Job Safety USA

Career Hotline, Inc.

Penbrook Productions

International Marketing


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