Work from home during the Pandamic

Working from home

The COVID 19 Pandamic triggered by coronavirus made most of the industry worldwide to work from home. Some Industries are capable of switching to work from home so the employees still be able to countinue the tasks, but some industries like medicals, fire service or National Security they have to continuing on as usual.

Work from home is mainly affecting the way we communicate with our colleagues. Even though we were the the world with more working towards a computer connection, something like emails and the other other mode of communication but work-from-home made it mandatory for all the companies to ask the employees to WFH.

This is actually starting with bringing a computer from your office to home or have a office laptop or use your own device to connect to the office network directly which is really demanding on the internet to connect to the office virtual private network (VPN).

The usual process of applying to work from home for a particular personal scenario has been changed like people are been asked to work from home by the management itself.

Let's discuss the good and bad points about WFH This allowed the workforce people on the workforce to save time and money on travel which is a huge thing in a long run. but it's also bring a small person at discipline to work from home to achieve the best in the workplace and in your personal things including health.

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