Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the successful works at home method which is available in the internet. From the 90's people are making money with this program. To get in to it you will need a broadband connected computer and good friend list.

This is actually you sell or lead others to buy products or services from a third party web site. There is a middleman company which acts to communicate between the seller and the promoter.

The middleman company which is called as Affiliate Company makes contract with companies which want to sell their products and services. These includes from air tickets to x-ray products. They list them with commission and other details in their web sites.

To join a affiliate program you must apply first, with an email address.

Once you are a member you can log in to the affiliates web site and can select products to market. Some web sites you have to apply for each seller for selling their products. You can sell their products if they accept your application.

There are marketing products like email, Banner, referral web sites for you to select. They will come with a specially designed tracking code to track your sales. You can use this links to promote the sellers products by way of sending emails with the links.(Don't send them to unknown people).

You can send Banner links or post them in your own web site. Or you can use Google's Adwords to land the click on the reseller's web page. You can log in to your account to check your earning whenever you want.

If there is enough money or pass the limit set by the referral you can ask for your money. This will be sent by online payment methods or through your banks. Some companies ask to purchase products from their web site for the credit you gained.

Each referral business company has its own rules and regulations.

Read all the rules and regulations before you join them.

There are many companies offer this referral program to name some, Click Bank, Commission Junction, EBay, Amazon, and many more are there. As an individual who is looking for jobs to work from home and make money, you must be little carefull about those job offers that you are getting. In some countries MLM like programs are banned permanently and those who participate in this program or promote these kinds of programs in any method too will be prosecuted under that country legal procedure.if you get any offers with large payment, first of all ask those companies whether you can participate in that program as you are living in your country (name it).

Also check with your local media network to check whether that the company's operations are legitimate in your country. Always double check them, before you are in hot water.

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