Blogging is a kind of writer job which is supported by the internet. Today more and more people are surfing the web sites for to get information, news, articles etc. Many corporate web sites like Yahoo, AOL, CNN provides all kind of things any one want to read hear or view. Some popular writers who used to write in the newspaper column and TV presenters have their own blogs where millions of people visit to read their writings and view images which they publish there.

The blogs may be hosted in their own domain or can be from a free blog account. Own blog with the desired name can be bought from the internet web service providers within 75$ for an annual fee. While many other companies like Blogger from Google, Wordpress offer you free accounts and millions of people are using them for free to express their views and millions of people are following them to read and post their comments.

So how a Blogger can make money?

First of all it is very difficult for a beginner to make money instantly from his blog unless he is a much famous personality.

Secondly the content which he is publishing in the blog must be on a popular interested topic. If you are having blog on how to care for roses will be more popular then how to care for coconut plant. Because many people in the world used to like roses than coconut. So getting more visitors to your blog will bring you money through advertisements, giving sponsored links to other web sites, writing and posting articles on paid subjects and many other ways.

For example if you start blogging in Google's Blogger then they will allow you to show text, image and video advertisements in your blog from their Adsense program if your blog meets their requirements. Specially your blog must be acceptable by everyone in the society according to their rules. Or you can sell advertisement spaces at a fixed rate as you desire.As per Wordpress it is free to have their service as long as you don't have any advertising programs. If you want to have any money making advertisement to run in your web then you must pay and get permission from them.

So this is for you from us. Keep writing on any good topic and tell your friends and relatives about it and go to other people’s blogs and comment on their blog with your blog's link so people will start to visit your blog. It will take nearly three to four years to build one successful blog, but once you did it, it will pay you all your life - If you choose the correct popular topic.

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