Data Entry Clerk.

Data Entry Clerk.

Data Entry Clerk jobs are much suitable for single moms and educated young people who want to work from their homes as work at home project.

Data Entry Clerk jobs requires you to enter alphabetic, numeric, and or symbolic data from the source documents into a computable memory or in to a PC. The source may come from accounting, payroll, human resources, computer programming, and loan processing, transcription, or word processing field. Entry level data entry clerks use to work with PC keyboard or using optical scanner, and following format displayed on screen.Well experienced data entry clerks are required to do correcting the entered data with source documents which will include re-entering, delete unwanted data sort, and verify accuracy of data to be entered. Also the job will include keeping record of the work done.

Earlier data entry clerks are used to work with ten key, transcription keyboard, litho type, or photo composing perforator. After the invention of computer keyboard most of these gadgets are vanished. Like wise data entry clerk jobs are called as data entry processor.

These kinds of jobs usually pays around US$24,000 per year in the USA.

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