Day Care Service As Work At Home Job.

Day care service provider job is a good one if you have your own kids. So you can take the same age group children to spend time together while making money. The money you can make may differ from place to place. You can check your area rate from your friends and relatives.

To do day care provider service you must have enough places in your home to accommodate the children. If you think that you have every thing suited to keep children in your home, then you must get permission/license from your area authority. You can find those things in your area administrative office web site.

You will need to purchase some extra furniture, reading books and toys for the children to use while they are staying in your day care centre.

Once you are ready to start the service you can pass the message to your friends and relatives. If you don't get much exposure you can use your local area news papers to post classified advertisements about your day care service.

Don't forget it, you can teach other single mothers too to how to start their own day care service for a fee for the professional service, if you have enough experience. Like how to get the license, where to buy cheap books, cheap tools, cheap toys etc. Because many single mothers don't have this knowledge and guidance to start their own day care service.Here are some usefull links.

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