Desktop Publishers.

Desktop Publisher jobs can be done as work at home projects for those who like to work from their home. Single mothers, young girls and others who want to stay in home and want to earn a reasonable earning can do this job. The job is to produce limited number of printed material. If the out put need to be a lot then a printing company must be contacted.People may need 100 visiting cards to be printed for distribution and the big printing companies can't handle this small number of prints.

In this case a Desktop publisher can do the job in short time and for less money. Like wise business cards, greeting cards, brochures, wall calendars, desk calendars, magazines, newsletters, brochures, corporate reports, catalogs, school certificates, CD labels, slides, tickets and many more items can be done by desktop publishers.

To become as a desktop publisher you will need a little artistic talent along with the computer skill to do art works. There are many vocational schools and career schools offer this Desktop Publishing (DTP) course. To become as a desktop publisher ( DTP) it will not take no more than one year and you can be at your best very quickly.You must learn about these basics to become as a DTP.

Adobe InDesign software.

Or Adobe Pagemaker.

Or Quark Express.

And Graphic Design.

Windows Font.

Printing process.

Once you get a job from a company where you can telecommute to do your works or you can work from your own home office at your free time. You can get job orders through the internet advertising and other kind of advertising. You can make your Church material free of charge while you ask their permission to put your name and phone number as the creator.Make Birth day invitations, Party invitations for free with your name and phone number to market your service throughout your area.

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