Earn Money by Promoting Skype Program.


Skype is the best known program in the internet to make free calls and low priced International calls. More than 500 million people are using the Skype program to make calls through their internet connected computers with their friends who too are members of the Skype and have to stay online to make the free internet call which is also called as PC to PC calls.

Mean while the Skype offer different plans for those people who don't have computers or other gadgets that can connect to the internet to make free calls.

If you as a Skype member can buy Skype calling minutes by paying through their credit card to buy the credit. This will allow you to call people from your computer, Smartphone or tablet to make calls to people who have mobile phones or land lines. This is the cheapest phone calls to make using the internet technology offered by the Skype and millions of people use this method to be in touch.

Now the Skype allows you to promote this facility through interested people where they will pay commissio0n for you when someone purchase this calling minutes from Skype through your affiliate system.

For this they ask the people who are interested to promote Skype to join the affiliate program from the commisionjunction.com in the internet.

There is no fee to join the program. It is totally free. Join the www.commisionjunction.com after reading their terms and conditions. Then select the Skype program and join through them. Select the desired banners and or text links from the available page and start to promote the program. Each sale will bring you commission to your account.After reaching the limit you can get payment through the commission junction program administrators.

How to join the Skype Affiliate Program? www.skype.com.

Read other FAQs: support.skype.com.

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