freelancing for professional people who think they can work alone and have their own income. If you are having a good professional job and good salary keep going with it. Don’t leave it as you don't know what is in the future is holding for you. but if you are too confident and ambitious start it as part time to work in your off time.If you are feeling you can stand alone then take the decision to quit the full time job. People will say we will give so much of that kind of work, so much of contracts and so on. but in reality it is very rare to happen. Once you are ready for freelancing or forced in to doing freelancing you have to see some things in advance.Because you may not going to get regular jobs or contracts in the first to three months. So you must be prepared for face this kind of situations.

Working Days and Hours.

You like more money or not, you must decide your own working days and hours. Your clients will want to know about your working days and hours. Also make your visiting card, letter head and a web page for your business. This is to market your business too.

Understand how to make your job invoice, this is a necessary one as to get your payment from companies and individual clients..

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