Laptop or PC

It is necessary to have a good PC or laptop when you are going to work from your home when the job requires a computer to complete the job related tasks. Many people in Africa and Asia use to do their target works from the nearest Netcafe or surfing center when they have joined work from home projects.It seems to be ok but on the other hand you have to pay the hourly rent to the computer service provider.

When you decide to have your own PC or Laptop it is a good idea but it may cost you good amount of money. When you are not sure about which one to select a PC or a Laptop we recommend you to buy a new PC as its price is lower than a good Laptop in the market.

Don't worry about the speed of the PC as most of the sellers will press you more about the PC's speed. If you are going to work with sophisticated programs, then think about their offer. Get a good motherboard and good processor. Cheaper processor may eliminate hot air from the PC.

Minimum requirement is 40 GB Hard disk. There are bigger ones too and are expensive.

Try to install at least 1GB Ram, it will help to do your works faster. If your works are related to graphic work then go for 2 GB Ram.

3 or more USB ports to connect your Printer, Scanner, digital camera and other necessary gadgets.

Internet and LAN connection ports to be there in the PC.

DVD combo to read files from the CD formats and to burn DVD and related CD's in the PC. You can watch movies too, when you are free.

Buy Keyboard and optical mouse with PS/2 port connection pins. If you buy it with USB port connection you will loose an USB port to it.

Buy a good sound system, some time you may like to listen music while you are working.

Get a wide screen LCD or LED monitor with guard sheet to protect it from dust and other harmful things that can destroy your PC monitor.

PC and monitor prices may vary according to brands, guarantee period and their specifications.

To purchase DVD combo and sound system you have to pay extra cash for it.

Don't forget to buy a bigger computer table where you can do other work related tasks too.

It is not necessary for you to buy fancy PC that is built for gaming as it is very expensive one when comparing with the normal PC.Desktop: sample price in the USA.

eMachines EL1360 AMD E-300 2GB RAM 320GB HDD US$ 300.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M58 7244-A32 Desktop PC US$ 330.Price In India

HP Compaq dx2280 Business Desktop PC Rs.25,000/-.

Compaq Presario SR5140IL Rs. 22,000/-.Price In Australia:

Desktop PC Dell Precision T3400 Intel Core 2 Duo AU$300.

Intel i3 Media Centre PC Mini-ITX HTPC HDMI AU $530.00.PC Table

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