Learn Fashion Design Course to work at home.

Fashion Design course is not only for women but also can suit men too if they are creative minded. You don't need to go on mass production of clothing to become success in this work at home project. Make only one piece of fine clothing per week and sell it. You don't go on selling as it is another profession, so find a good person to handle the sale and you can concentrate on your designer work.

You can learn the fashion design course from a college, Institute, private classes, online workshops, distance learning or on your own with the help of books, demonstration CD and CAD (computer assisted drawing) through PC or laptop. Also it is better to learn sewing too. You can decide to have a simple sewing machine or fully automated computer assisted sewing machines.Better to start with a normal non expensive model.

If you going for a class then there are more chances for you to meet popular designers and you can get lot of friends who are interested in this Fashion Design. This meetings and friendship will help you to improve your career further with these peoples assistance. it is up to you to decide on whether you are going alone or in group.Any how you will have to learn the following basics to go ahead with your project.

Basic figure drawing with different poses.

Drawing of garment parts.

Drawing dressed figures.

Technical drawing to make garments with pattern making principles.

Design principles for the layout.

Illustration ideas to improve drawing skills along with shade, color and illustration techniques.

If you are good in the following fields then you can make a good career in the fashion field not only in your home working but also in the top designer companies.

Those fields are,.

Pattern Making.

Fashion Design.


Factory System.

You can search the internet for to find good dressmaking & design schools and compare trhe tuition fees.

The other benefit of this fashion design course as a work at home program can help you to make your own wardrobe with minimal cost and can help your friends and relatives too to have their designer clothing at lower price.

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