Learn iPhone Repairing.

iPhone repairing course is a good one to follow if you are interested with cell phones, about their operation, their spare parts and software. If you don't love it don't go for it. Money making is not only thing in the life, you must love the profession other wise you may have stress related problems. Also you can learn this iPhone repairing trade to do as part time job to work from your home.

Nearly 25 million iPhone are in use all over the world. So there is a big chance for at least 5% of them to have broken screen, software problem, malfunction and contacting with water. Sending them to the original company and repairing it is time consuming and expensive for most of these Smartphone users.They will love to have their phone to be repaired then and there while they are waiting there.

Many companies offer this iPhone repairing course in private classes, through video courses and online. Join a good training center where you can have on hand training as this is an expensive phone and you can't play with it unless you are a rich man.

What kind of courses they offer?.

Full iPhone repairing course, where you will learn all the related things.

They may offer Level 1 and or Level 2 like courses. Don't go for level 1 instead take the level 2 as it is a complete course.

If you feel not confident then start from the level 1.

Do I need to buy any thing?.

No, most of them offer free full tool kit and instructions.

How to market my iPhone repair service?.

Most of the teaching institutes will guide on this matter which are included in their learning program.

Also post your skill in the community boards.

Print some business cards for yourself and distribute it in your area.

Contact the nearest phone repair shop and offer your service on contract basis.

If have enough money make a web site for your self with your iPhone repair service.Post your iPhone service in Craigslist.org like this.Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

So to start this iPhone repairing from your home you must have the following things.

There are three methods of training available for those who want to learn the trade.

Who provide iPhone repair training?.

AppleCare Help Desk Support, Tools, and Training. Here..

Other web sites that are providing the iPhone repair business.

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