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Also Learn iPhone Repairing.Mobile repair

Mobile phone repairing job can be done as work at home project by any one who can learn the skill within 6 months of time with little investment. You can see that there are millions of mobile phones with out warranty all over the world.

Taking these phones to the original dealer for repairing is a costly one and some time the dealer won't accept the mobile phone for repair when it don't have the warranty. So these mobile phone owners are looking for private mobile phone repairers to do the job. So you can see this kind of mobile phone repairing jobs are in good demand all over the world.

In Asia and Africa the Mobile phone repairing job training courses are provided by vocational schools and individual classes. Also there are many online companies too that are providing these kind of mobile phone repair training course for job opportunities to work from your home work shop.

So these technicians who had gone through the necessary learning and training can perform their Mobile phone repairing job from their homes to earn a decent income if they have all the required mobile phone repair kit, spare parts and manuals. They can even get their jobs through the postal mail and can send them back through the postal mail service.

You have seen many phones suddenly become dead and unusable or not working properly. If the phone owner got the guarantee card and the guarantee period is valid then can find the service center and do the repair job over there. If their guarantee period is not valid then the owner must pay for all the repairs and mobile phone parts those were found to be defect.

So those people will search for private mobile phone repair technician to fix the mobile phone at lower service fee. These individual phone technicians don't charge like those big companies which are providing after sales service. At most of the mobile phone companies service centers, once you hand over your faulty mobile phone, they will ask you to sign a repair contract where they will state they are not responsible if the phone is broken or completely damaged.Further more they will charge a fee to find the cause the malfunction too. But the private mobile phone repair technician doesn't ask for any contract and they will work in front of you while you are watching. So the private cellular phones repairmen are in good demand every where.

You too can become as a certified mobile phone technician and can work in your off time or you can work full time from your home and can make good income too. All it needs little patience, time, some investment for tools and need to learn mobile phone repair course. You can learn it from any institute or technical school or vocational training schools in your area.Also you can use teach yourself books and manuals or online courses which you can follow with video tutorials.

If you have teaching talent then after learning the trade, you too can become as a mobile phone repair course tutor in your area.

One of the important things is, if you want to do mobile phone unlocking, first check with the authorities in your area whether it is legal to do it. Because in most part of the world, unlocking the mobile phones are illegal and are prohibited by the relevant authorities and the violators will be prosecuted.

When you have finished learning the phone repair job tell your friends and relatives about your newly acquired talent. They are the first ones who can approach you after they played too many games on their phones or drop their mobile phones in the washing machine or in some water filled places.

Many people don't know even how to replace their batteries or downloading their pictures and videos. Also you can do software installations, upgrading, changing data from one SIM to another and many more things. Once you are confident you can advertise in the local media about your service.

Along with the learning all you will need are some simple tool and Service Manuals for each kind of mobile phone models. (These can be downloaded or can be purchased according to your need.) When you get a repair jobs, you can ask the customer to buy the parts that are necessary to be replaced as this will save you lot of time.

So get your feet set in to the mobile phone world which is growing rapidly. For better care you must learn about Ribbon type phones and replacing or repairing them. Software installations, Unlocking, and flashing also should be covered. Also you must have good knowledge of Bluetooth, Card reader, Infrared, Data cables, Mobile phone Games, MP3 songs, Unlimited Video, Software setup, Schematics, Applications, software codes, memory cards and virus Guard.

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