Looking For Home Jobs? Be Safe in the Internet.

Due to world economic slow down many people are jobless in many country. These people are looking for ways to support their family through the internet to find some kind of job to perform with minimal pay. On the other hand some people are targeting these people to cheat and make money from them, mostly through their web sites.

If you are such a person looking for a job through the internet, read this article and take precautions as described. Have a good anti virus guard installed in your PC. It can be a free or paid one. Don't wait to renew it after its expiry date. Renew it before the service expires other wise, some of these anti virus guard can unleash malware from their vaults that are inside of your PC.

Always keep the firewall of your PC ON.

When you had stopped your PC, disconnect the PC from the internet, switch off the power supply to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your PC and the system from the lightning.

Never keep your username and password inside of your computer.

Never copy paste the user name or password other wise it will be easy for the hacker to find out your username and or password.

Never open attachments that came with the email unless you get a call personally from the sender.

Lear how to opt out unwanted emails and to send them to the Spam folder through the help pages of your email provider.

Time to time, clear your internet cookies and history to keep your PC fast and to prevent unwanted programs running unknown to you.

If you are going to visit a new web site, first put its name in the Google Search or Yahoo Search or Bing Search and see the result to see whether there is any unwanted script that they can install in your PC. Most of them are difficult to remove.

If you are going to pay any web site read all the terms and conditions, return policy as currently one web site offered a get rich soon program just for $2.70. Those who joined that program had a shock next week where that company charged $135 as account processing fee.

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