Make money with Wi-Fi hotspots from your home.

Make money by offering Wi-Fi hotspots from your home for the internet users as there are many people travelling with their Smartphone, laptop and many other gadgets that they require to be connected to the internet to make their business or communication. You can be your own boss or can work for any other service providing company for a commission.

You can expect the Wi-Fi hotspot providing business to be success, if you are in an area where tourists and students used to flock. Most suitable places are near to shopping mall, hotel, apartments, campgrounds, marina, tourist spots or a business center.(Otherwise you have to choose a place that is suitable for this business).

When you want to make money through Wi-Fi Hotspot from your home, you will need the following things.

Broadband internet connection like ADSL, mobile 3G connection or cable.

A wireless router like Linksys WRT54GL or Ubiquity devices.

Special antenna set to give Wi-Fi hotspot to longer distance.

There is no need to have a PC or workers to look after the system. Once you connected your broadband to the Wi-Fi router you are ready to provide hotspot.

If you don't have password protection then every one can access this service free from your hotspot. So you must make a splash page which is the starter page. Once the visitor opens a browser using your Wi-Fi hotspot it will open your hotspot start page where you can make them to use the username and the password.You can fix the price to provide from 1$ per hour or the price that may suit you. You can ask them to pay through credits cards. For this you will need a centralized server to verify the accesses to a hotspot.

But it is better to get and provide the service from a vendor. They will look after every thing and you have to pay only for the router and monthly ADSL service. The vendor will give you commission to you according to the sales. Many people are using this service to earn money from their homes and business places.

You can make money from your home through the Wi-Fi hotspot business. This business is best suited for single mothers who are staying in their homes. If you live near to hotels, apartments, marina, campground, tourist attraction, shopping malls, and restaurants or in a busy venue you have more chance to make money through providing Wi-Fi in your area.will be the initial cost?

Around US$ 400.How much you can make a month?

Around US$ 750 - US$ 1250 per month, if you live in a busy area.What kind of gadgets you will need?

You will need a broadband connection.

Wireless router like LinkSys WRT54GL.

Join any of the hotspot service providers. They will pay around 75% of commission whenever someone uses their credit card to access your Wi-Fi hotspot service near to your home.hotspotsystem.comwhotspot.comLinksys

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