Make Money with images.

Here we are guiding you on how to make money from your home with the images that you have captured or going to capture. You must have some imaginary ideas and little creativity are the other main things you will need. Now everybody have their own Smartphone like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that are coming with good mega pixels to capture good images.If you can have the following thins as a digital camera or DSLR camera along with a PC or Laptop and a software like Adobe Photoshop or any other software to adjust or correct your captured images will enhance your performance.

There are many APPs too available in the iTunes and Google Play to enhance your captured photos through your Smartphones and Tablets. These cameras fitted in these devices are good for day light photography when you compare those images taken with the professional cameras.

When you are going to buy any branded digital camera or DSLR take care to select them with maximum possible Pixels capacity and they must be able to accept larger capacity SD memory cards for those digital camera. Greater the pixel size, greater the photos and they can produce larger photo output. If you buy a DSLR camera then you have more options to use different kinds of lenses for close ups and telephotos, filters, still and moving object photography along with the facility to use different kind of lighting from different angles.

Large file size photos are searched by artists and media people as they can edit it and use them as per their requirements in their media. On the other hand you must have them in smaller sizes (for to display) too as it will be easy to transfer to the client for viewing purpose.

Always have your digital camera with you and this will allow you to take photographs of unusual scenes, objects any thing seems interesting for you. Close up photos of anything specially celebrities while appearing public events, politicians, Royal family members, famous people in the public eye and whatever you think that may interest to others.Be warned; don't take photographs of objects belonging to others without their permission. We know people sold images of their coffee cup, computer, and bicycle in the internet and made lot of money.

Make small size images of them (thumbnail images). If you have blog or web site post them there and announce that the large size images are available for sale. You can put water marks on your image to prevent people from stealing your image.

Their websites which allows you to sell your images as stock photos in a profit share basis. This kind of option is better than having your own website as you have more publicity for selling images in the internet. By the way let allow people to have some of your original work for free and ask them to give credit to your work, this way you can become more popular in the internet.

Also you can make wallpapers for the PC, Laptops, Tablet and Smartphone with some imaginary and creative ideas through the assistance of Adobe Photoshop with the brush tools that can make your output to be as beautiful images that will tempt people to buy them from you.

You can make special wallpapers and screen savers for smart phones like iPhone, Nokia, Samsung etc. A single image can be created in to different sizes to suit the sizes for each Smartphone screen.

Old black and white photos too have special selling value as antique photos in this world of internet. Try to find them too.

These web sites allow you to sell your images on profit share basis.

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