Is Micro Workers web site a scam?

The world is fast advancing through the technology gate ways. People are now familiar with Micro computers, Micro cell phones, micro cars, micro busses and any more micro products. IN this list lately we got micro blogging and micro workers. These are meant for to do some tasks within some minutes. And the end product must give much attention in the internet for the publishers or workers.

So when you have time to spare and really need in small amount of cash to support you daily then you can select some small task to do in the micro workers. Select a good popular web site and join as a member in the worker section of the micro worker web site. Some tasks start to pay you 0.5 cents to $5 depending on the required quality of the micro work.To earn through $5 projects in the micro workers section, you must have good English knowledge with command and must be living in America. Most of the micro workers web sites are genuine. Although the job providers coming through those web sites to be hard people to part with their money even if the worker does his requirements perfectly.This is the reason plenty micro workers in trouble for their payments as these job providers simply say that the required jobs are not done satisfactorily and the micro workers money for that pert is not transferred. This like using credit card as some people say we didn't do the purchase, So all the party's are locked from the merchant service e provider, vendor, buyer and the bank involved in the money transfer.Here in the micro workers site too happens this and some people directly go to the forum and post that the micro site is a scam one. Or can post the complaint in blog posts in the comment or reply section or can post in the facebook page. And the news can spread like wild fire.

Some time the person m ay get the disputed money or may be have removed from the web site for illegal activities on hi9s faults. But the person will not take care to remove those postings in the internet. if you are sure about a micro workers web site is a scam, the proper way is to complain against it to the proper authority in your country.They will investigate it and warn other people too against it. See here a sample scam took place in the USA and the person quickly informed it to FBI and they took prompt action and send out the warning about the kind of work at home scam through the media to the general public to be alert to deal with those kind of jobs.Read here.

For us most of the micro workers web sites are doing their jobs perfectly. If you had any bad experience with them write us with proof, we will publish it here.

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