Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping won't you any big returns to pay your home bills. But it can help you in small spending like pocket money. Of course you will get those products and services involved with the company you work for. Some time you can get good free dinner too. It all depends on the location where you live and of your interests of fields.

Never respond to the checks whi9ch is coming more than your work fee. There is a scam going in the Mystery shopping field. The frudent job provider may send you a fake check stating that they have sent some excess money other than your expected salary and will ask to send it to a third party person from your own account and then to cash your cheque.Once you go to cash the cheque you have already lost your money transfer charge and the bank will say that fake cheque can't be cashed even if it look like a genuine cheqe.

So what is this Mystery shopping?

It is offered by market research companies to valuate their client companies’ employees’ service pattern, their products appeal, market value, customer confidence etc.What is my part, if I join it?

You will pose as simple customer to check and report about the companies’ products and services.How to join and work in this Mystery Shopping programs?

You must join the program through the internet and you will get your assignment through your email or you have to login to your account get the allocated duties and have to report back in time.How will they pay for my work?

Each company has its own method of payment. Whenever you are joining any Mystery Shopping program check their method of payment.

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