Online Copy Editor.

As you know copy editor jobs need good language skill and general knowledge to perform the job. Moat of the job offers come from the publishing houses and art society. So if you are looking for an online copy editor the first requirement is to have a University degree or college degree. Along with this, you must have a good home office with the latest PC and other related gadgets that are attached to the PC.

Some online copy editors request their applicants for that job to sit for an examination to see whether they fit to the given job.

Salary wise in the USA it will be around US$ 35,000 per annum. And in developing countries the job payment is paid for hours and piece work. This can be pre arranged with your employer.

Thos who want to work for a US company through telecommuting will not have time difference problem. If one Indian person living in India wants to work for a USA company as copy editor through telecommuting there will be time difference will affect him as he has to work night times from his country. Although many Indian telecommuting workers don't look this as a big disadvantage, as they can earn good salary in foreign currency.But if they are working inside India with a foreign publisher while living apart in another Indian city is best offer they can get in their profession.

So if you want to be perfect in your copy editor job career, you must have read these books and must have good knowledge of them.

Associated Press (AP) Stylebook.

The Chicago Manual of Style.

The Elements of Style.

Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Seeking Copy Editor: US & UK English.

Online Content Manager.

Marketing Manager, Journals.

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