Picking up prescriptions.

Working from your home or in your town may be a good idea, if you are a single parent. This job needs some certification and can't be done by all kind of job seekers. The salary is good. The job may be a permanent one or part time one.

Picking up prescriptions.

You must be a PTCB Certified person and must be more than 18 years of age.

This job can be done under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist for to deliver special patient care and customer service. Primary role of the job seeker is to assisting the pharmacist with the day to day activities in the pharmacy.

Also your duties may include the following things.

Assisting the patients in dropping off and picking up prescriptions.

Assisting the pharmacists in filling the required prescriptions when it is necessary.Picking up prescriptionsUsing the Intercom Plus computer system to process prescriptions and assist patients.

You may be required to handle phone inquiries.

Entering the patient’s purchase information in the pharmacy cash registers.

Posing a driver license is good as it be may required.

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