There are plenty models and types for different types of print jobs.

But there are two popular types of printers which you can use along with the home PC or laptop. Toner based printers. Also these printers are called as laser printers. The other one is inkjet printer. They are available as B&W or color printers.

These printers can be used for simple printing works at home office. And these machines offer great help for those who are doing work at home jobs.

When you are buying a printer it must include the following things along with it.

  1. USB data cable to connect the PC and the printer.

  2. CD with the program to install the printer's program.Laser Printer

To install the printer’s program insert the CD and follow the instruction.

When requested only connect the printer to the PC or Laptop through the USB Data cable.

After that only Test Print the first copy.

When you are using the laser printer for to print a lot of copies continuously it may become hot and can emit gas which may cause you coughing.

If you are having a inkjet printer and not using it regularly then every 5 days make a color test print out, other wise the cartridge ink flowing path may become dry and you can't make print outs. In this case you have to replace ink cartridges with new ones.Inkjet Printer Try to use 80GSM size papers for the printouts. The smaller ones can get jammed if they are not placed correctly.

When the printer is not in use cover it with a dust cover to prevent damage from dust.

Read the printer manual fully before staring and using it.

For trouble shooting use the help menu.

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