Earn Money Online Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka people are really working hard to make ends to meet. In this way they are looking through their internet connected devices to find out the way to make money online in their off time. Most of the weekend newspapers in Sinhala, English and Tamil carry out advertisements on how to earn money online from your home and these advertisements are advertised by professional people and companies.Some of these are true while some of them are scam ones.

Usually Central bank of Sri Lanka used to warn Sri Lankan people about the suspected money making programs through the newspapers. Recently they warned against using Forex web sites to do foreign currency trading as it may lead to total disaster and breaking the foreign currency law by using your credit card or debit card to send money to these Forex web sites.The CB says that lot of people had lost large amount of money by going in the currency trading through these web sites. Source: Nation.

In Colombo some people used to advertise advertisements only to harvest emails and then sale those emails to email advertisement promoting companies and make their money.People in Srilanka are more suspicious about the online money making programs or work at home programs. Now most trusted work from home or earn online money programs are article writing and publishing, online tutor jobs, image and video selling, online clothe selling, web designing, iPhone and Android App making are some of the popular ones with Sri Lanka people.

Sri Lanka people who participate in the work at home programs must have a current account in a local bank to get payment easily as they are still not allowed to get payments through PayPal accounts. Currently the Government is taking steps for the PayPal to be available freely here with out any restrictions.Payoneer.com is well used by the local people to get their hard money from certain companies.

In the recent times Sri Lanka people who want to work from their home and earn money through the internet are used to have little success through the Google Adsense program.

If you are talented in presenting articles, images and videos you can start your professional blogging with these web sites where they allow you to make free accounts.

www.blogger.com here you can earn money through Google Adsense program after some time period.

www.wordpress.com they don't allow you to use Adsense unless you get permission from them after paying to them.

When you have good blog pages then you can join the following programs to earn money through Adsense and Infolinks By joining one of these programs or all here.

http://www.bukisa.com/ - $3.22 US per thousand clicks.

http://hubpages.com/ - Many people are making more than US$ 100 per month.

http://www.yousaytoo.com/ - Many people are making more than US$ 100 per month.

If you have your own web sites you can directly join the Adsense and Infolinks to earn good income.

Some other popular CPC programs.












As a Sri Lankan you can join this web site for to get advice and assistance from other members in www.elakiri.com.

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