Best way to take out your money from the

Before join the to do micro jobs to earn money, read their Terms of use, Privacy Policy and FAQ and understand their content. Already a member never mind you have still time, read all those pages. Well they clearly say those people who are under the age of 18 will not be allowed to join their web site as worker or job provider.There are many micro job providing micro job sites although microworkers perform as number in the internet job and earnings.

Then another important thing regarding the, you can have only one account with them. Other wise you may be removed by them from working with their web site any further. To get your money that you had earned from them working online for hundreds of hours in the internet, you should have provided your full name and correct address which will guide them to send you postal mail.

When you had earned US$ 9 through work offer, you can request for withdraw from the web site by login to your account and following the instructions. When the request reach them they will send you the PIN number through postal mail to your home address that you had provided in your information page.This PIN process will take nearly 30 days of time.

Also if you had earned money through referral and other methods, this money too will not come to you immediately as there is a hold. You must reach US$ 15 in your account to get the referral money. So it will be little difficult and time consuming thing to get your first payment.

There is another option for you to use the money.

Yes, you can become as an employer too at any time. Why don't you give jobs on account of your friend to promote his blog/web and get the money from him? Don't forget every thing must be done under your name and get the payment in local currency from your friend. Or promote another person's web/blog in your country and charge him for that service equivalent to your income that was put in to do works or little more with the profit for your hard earned money through this micro job site.

How the make payment to its members?.

After placing your withdraw request, they used to send money by around 30 days through.

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