Teach abacus.

Teaching Abacus is a good way to make a good earning. This is more suitable for housewives and young girls who are staying at home. They can.

teach this to children around their neighborhood. Learning Abacus will improve the child's ability to calculate quickly and also the increase the IQ level to high.

Abacus is a Method which teach to solve mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication faster by using "Abaci". This.

method was very popular in the ancient world.

To learn Abacus and become an abacus teacher there are many ways, you can go to a teacher, or can buy DOY books or learn it online. Most of the Chinese shops sells Abaci boards or you can buy them online too. When you are ready to teach abacus, you can ask your friends and relatives to recommend you to others, hand out leaflets, post in local news papers, use free and paid classifieds which are used by your area people.

If you are smart, you can give Abacus teacher Training to other ambitious people.

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