Different kinds of attractive advertisements are posted in the internet stating that you can get financial freedom with their program run by the popular North American internet company. That the amount that you can make from working from your home through this program looks like a fortune for many of those people who are out of job or for those who are searching for one to work from their home.Actually that company name used in the internet advertisement (Adsense) doesn't have any connection with these scam people. They used to exhibit flashy advertisements with the income payment cheque that too seems perfectly altered to catch people in to their networks.

Their main aim is to sell the guide CD on how to make money easily in the internet but with secretly designed monthly payment contracts which the customer can't detect easily.

When contacted through their web site, these people will recommend you to purchase their CD that can guide you to make money through the internet at the price ranging form US$ 25 - US$ 75. You will not double think about the amount that they are asking you to pay as you had seen you can made US$ 350 per day as per the video tutorial.

After making contract with them and paying the money (some time it is free) to get the required CD, you are lined in with the scam part secretly. Your CD will reach home in few days and your credit card or debit card will be charged by them under the contract you had made with them. Then the following month comes one more surprise bill from the credit card company that they had paid those CD scam operators your monthly bill that can be from US$ 75 - 90.When you contact your credit card company and say that you had purchased the CD with one time payment only. Then your credit card company will say it is not one time payment instead that you had made contract to pay those people a monthly f to own the CD. And there is no way for you to return their CD and or to stop the auto billing.Take care about this CD program as thousands of people had lost large amount of money to these scam artists.

You can find these people's advertisements in most of the news channel web sites. It is not available through the www.facbook.com or through the www.youtube.com.

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