UPS Unit.

Work at home job seekers must take notice that if their jobs are done through the PC then it is very important to have one UPS unit. From this unit only they must get power supply for their CPU of their computer and to the computer monitor. These UPS units use to keep enough power to to supply the necessary power to close down your PC when there is no main power supply.If you are doing jobs from your home and on the half way of doing any job and the main power supply goes off the PC suddenly stops and your unsaved work will vanish. Also the PC hard disc too will start to from bad sectors. These bad sectors will give trouble for the PC start up process and some time your PC may not boot to function.And you can't do your jobs in time.

To prevent things like these you must buy a UPS when you are buying your PC. Before connecting the UPS unit to the PC you must charge it with the main power supply as instructed. Some companies say need 8 hours of charging and some say 12 hours of charging. So follow the instructions and charge it fully. Once it is fully charged you can connect your CPU power code and monitor power code to get power supply for those units.If the main power supply is suddenly cut off then the UPS will give power for your CPU and monitor to shut down them after saving your works. So the UPS unit will give you peace of mind regarding your works which you are doing in your home computer to make your living. A fully charged UPS will display a green light indicator.While charging the unit will show yellow light indicator.

UPS unit with low power will display a red light indicator.

The UPS will need good earthling or grounding to avoid the edit current shock. If it is not connected to the earth as instructed the metal parts of your PC can give you electric shocks. After long period of use, if the UPS power supply is not enough to shut down your PC then you must go for new rechargable batteries or need to buy a new UPS unit.When experiencing thunder storm and lightning, it is better to stop your PC and to remove power supply from the wall socket. Lightning can pass through the UPS unit with full volume of electricity and can damage your CPU power unit.

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