USB Flash Drive (Pen drive).

USB Flash drive which is also called as pen drive is a good device to keep data or used to transfer data between computers. If you are having a laptop and you have your customer’s data in it and want to transfer the data to your computer this USB is a best device to do that job within seconds.

USB CableUSB flash drives are coming in different capacities. They are available from 512 MB to 40GB capacity. Also beware that the larger capacity ones some time may be a mare 1GB capacity one. They can be purchased for the price of US$ 10.

Most of the modern PCs and laptops can detect them once the USB flash drive is inserted. But don't forget to make it safe to remove the USB device if you are going to remove it from your PC or Laptop. Also for make it to use easy, there are USB extension cables.

If you are going to use the USB flash device with outside PC's then better go for a write protected pen drive. This will prevent virus attack on your PC. Normal USB flash drives once connected to the PC will have the chance to attack the PC before you are going to scan for virus in it.

So if you are planning to work from home this USB flash drive is also a good gadget which can help you in your work.USB Pen Drive

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