Website Designer.

Website designer is the best job that you can do from your home with a small home office. In this home office you will need to have one PC connected to internet and other small gadgets like a Smartphone, image and text scanner, laser printer and other important things. Website designer job can be done as a freelance worker or you can work for a contractor or a web designing company that can be in the USA, UK or any part of the world.

The job is a easy one that can be learned within 3 - 4 months and need more continious up grading education as there are many new prgrams and platforms are introduced in this industry. In the early years big companies only had their own web sites. Now the times are change and each and every one in the world nearly have their own web sites and man y new people want to have their own web sites.

Website designer job can be divided in to many aspects.

So you are the boss. You can decide on the pricing or can make a price list for each of your tasks. This is a customer service job so you have to satisfies the client with his/her requirements. Many people drop their projects on the half way and find some other webmaster to do their job. So if you are working for yourself then don't forget to get a reasonable amount as advance before you start the job.

If you are working for a service provider or a company there ios no trouble as you can ask from them for a weekly salary or monthly salary. Many people make contarct per projects and stage by stage they require their payments for the work they did.

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