Work at home as an image to text converter.

Work at home job is not available very easily.Most of them are not paying good salary or legitimate. To get good paying works you must be good in one or two selected fields. To do this work at home you will need a image scanner that should be attached to a PC or laptop. There are many programs available in the market for you to buy and install it in your PC or laptop.These programs will allow you to change any newspaper or letters in to editable and searchable word files.

Now many people want their files, notes and books to be converted in to searchable word files. It will take a long time for someone to type the content in to word files. While image to text converter will does that work in minutes. The facility is available for English language and some other languages only.

So you can learn about using this program from any professional people or institute. Also you can learn this with the given help files and tips. For example if you are using the Omnipage Pro software it will request you to select the auto, manual ot wizard program to run the Optical character recognition (OCR).Then you have to get the page in color or B&W. Also you can select the whole page or small paragraphs to be scanned for OCR. Then you can start the perform OCR operation and you will see text and word files with or with out errors. Then you can read the original file and can correct any errors and keep save the file in word document.Now this file is an editable or searchable word file. This what people like doctors engineers artist, company executives and other professionals are looking for.

If you can do this work with out error and quickly you can get orders from professionals and corporate companies. Or you can join any companies which are looking for telecommuting workers. Any how this work which you can do from your home as a full time work or part time work.

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