Work at home scam increase in India.

Most of the Indians who are looking for work at home job opportunities are well educated young people. Their main aim is to make quick money or to support their main income. Most of them trust those emails that were forwarded by their friends or colleagues. Also they trust newspaper advertisements that are posted in major newspapers with high salary or high return for their works.On the other hand these Indian scam artists used to attract people through the MLM method.

In recent time one popular advertisement announced about the medical transcription with higher salary payment for the home worker in India. Many people in the health sector joined this program by paying lot of money for the starter package. The problem did started here, when those people submitted their work sheets back the company said that the quality of their work is not quite good to accepted by them.When these Indian workers contacted and checked their work with health care field experts, those experts couldn't find out any faults and said it were perfect. Then it came to the light that the company is a scam one and their main aim is to sell only the starter package and grab the people's hard earned money.

In another planned scam some individual used big software company name with or without their knowledge and sold out work from home copy past and send program for higher return for each job slab you buy from them. Say if you pay them $ 100 and get the work to do through the internet for one month they will pay you $20 per month.So if you pay $ 2,000 and get 20 work slot and copy paste and send the content to the given email address then you will get $400 per month.

Also you will get money for each people you refer to them and they will pay you $10 per the people you refer to them. The company's main aim was not with copy paste work, but for the referrals that are joining and for the number of work slots they are going to buy. And at one stage when they have enough money around Indian Rs.5,000,000 the company will be closed and the owner used to vanish with out trace and end up in Malaysia, Bangladesh or Singapore and start their new venture there to scam people over there.

So here are some Indian scams coming through the work at home projects. We don't say all are scam but you must take care before to join them. Just put the company name in the Internet search will give you clue about them.

Here are some other works at home - India offers that you must take care to join.

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Simple typing Jobs.

Offline data entry work from home.

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Online tutor jobs - work from your home.

Some of the work at home job offers that are genuinely provided by popular Indian companies as follows.

Virtual office assistant.

Medical transcription jobs.

Indian Language Translator.

Web developer.

Web designer.

Call center rep.

Tech supporter.

Online Travel agent.

Online Teacher.

Online article editor.

Franchise Reseller.

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